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Lectures on digital photography, and how to take good pictures using them - a course taught by Marc Levoy from 2009-2014 at Stanford has been made available online for free! 

I found the article while scrolling through my photography subscriptions on If your interested reading through this material and perhaps increasing your knowledge and developing your craft you can jump over to the course by clicking here.

Welcome to A site I have created to share my passion of photography with you! My goal is two fold - to share some of my best photos with you and showcase my craft and also to share ideas, tips, techniques and other information I may have come across to help you grow as a photographer. Lets face it, you wouldn't be here checking me out if you didn't have an interest in photography. As an artist/photographer viewing each others work helps to inspire and motivate ourselves to take our talent to the next level. 

I hope you'll come back often, even if its only to read my blog. My objective is to share one or two things with you each week, with the intent to inspire and educate each other to be the best photographers we can be while we build our abilities, style and technique.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing in this new and exciting journey.